Experience unique and innovative SPA houses - perfect for individuals and hospitality. Achieve true harmony of body and mind in nature's embrace. Enjoy relaxation and the soothing effect of water.

Jasmine square spa module half in Siberian wood, the other in black anthracite metal plates, with large windows

Lark SPA Houses - Your Ultimate Relaxation Destination

Discover bliss with Lark SPA Houses – the ultimate relaxation modules. Perfectly designed for your backyard or tourism facility. Crafted from top-notch waterproof HPL board for lasting freshness. Scratch, impact, and bacteria-resistant with non-slip safety flooring. Experience unrivaled relaxation

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The cladding used combines materials and composites, which increases its aesthetic and functional values. This extremely durable material is resistant to changing weather conditions and does not require regular maintenance, does not fade and does not change shape under the influence of sun rays or temperature. Natural wood adds nobility and increases the aesthetic value of the SPA making it fit perfectly into any landscape.

Example of Siberian wood cover Example of siding Example of metal plate siding
  • Pest resistantPest resistant
  • Easy to CleanEasy to Clean
  • WindproofnessWindproofness
  • Ventilation of the facadeVentilation of the facade
  • No painting and maintenance requiredNo painting and maintenance required
  • Moisture resistantMoisture resistant
  • Lightness that facilitates installationandLightness that facilitates installationand


Be it a flat or gable roof, our roofs are covered with high quality roofing ensuring durability and comfort of use as well as the highest aesthetic standards.

  • Light gray RAL 7035
  • Silver RAL 9006
  • Silver metalic RAL 9007
  • Gray RAL 7000
  • Graphite RAL 7024
  • Graphite RAL 7016
  • Brick RAL 8004
  • Brown RAL 8017
  • Dark brown RR 032
  • Cherry RR 028
  • Black RAL 9005
  • White RAL 9002


The Ariston electric heater is a smart device with a double water tank.

Anti-Legionella Legion
Once a month, the water temperature rises automatically above 65C to eliminate bacteria and ensure water hygiene.

In the event of a fault, an error code is displayed on the display to easily find the cause.

Protection Against Starting "Dry"
In the event of a leak or lack of water in the device, it turns off the heater to prevent it from burning out

The function of active electrical protection.
After finishing the heating process, the heater is completely disconnected -from the power supply to guarantee maximum safety

Modern white boiler with display for adjusting settings

Walls and floors

The walls and floor are made of high quality, waterproof HPL board, which thanks to its properties will allow to maintain a fresh and new look for a long time.In addition, covering the floor with a non-slip layer will provide the maximum safety to users

  • resistant to abrasion
  • impact resistan
  • hygienic
  • resistant to scratches
  • antibacterial
  • resistant to high temperature

HPL boards are very easy to keep clean. As a rule wiping them with a soft cloth and warm water is enough. If necessary, cleaners can be used

Wooden sauna


Walls and ceiling covered with polished alder wood (14x121 mm) with a special profile for softline type saunas. The boards will be arranged horizontally. Only selected homogeneous wood of the highest quality in the A + class is used to assemble our saunas.Benches are made of knotless alder wood in A + class.Ventilation in the cabin is carried out by gravity. Appropriately placed cold air intake (under the sauna door or in the wall under the stove) and properly located outlet (in the wall or sauna ceiling) allows for efficient air exchange in the cabin.


  • hygrometer, hourglass, thermometer, bucket and ladle
  • platform
  • catch and lighting benches
  • speakers
wooden sauna with LED lighting


The Wellis Manhattan Bathtub has been equipped with a modern and popular body massage system for 2 persons. A total of 28 water-air nozzles in combination with a powerful 3HP pump, as well as aromatherapy and relaxing LED lighting will certainly neutralize tension and stress.

The more demanding user will find relief thanks to his/her favorite music flowing from the built-in speakers. Manhattan 2018 has three fountains that enhance the relaxation experience

Large Jacuzzi and panoramic window


External faucet for irrigation and other applications

An external tap will allow you to connect a garden hose quicklys

Handle for locking the door

Handle for locking the door

Sealed external connectors for sockets

Hermetic sockets

Jasmine Spa Module in a forest of fir trees

Hot and cold water outlet for external sink

Lark SPA module

Jasmine 1

In the closed heated module we have a sauna, shower roomand SPA bath. The technical room is available from the outsideon the back of the module.

Length: Width: Heigth:
6,5m 3m 2,8 - 3,4 m
Layout of spa module