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Regardless of your background, education or previous professional experience, if you have exceptional quality of work, we would like to invite you to join our company - Lark, a producer of carier homes. Together, we can rethink the future of sustainable carier home production and create something unique for our customers

Sales Director Assistant

The Associate Director of Sales at a mobile home firm plays a key role in developing and implementing strategic initiatives to increase sales. This individual is responsible for managing and developing a team of sales managers, training them in sales best practices, and providing a high level of customer service


HR and payroll specialist

Be the Backbone of Our Talent Engine! As an HR Specialist, you'll shape and drive our organizational dynamics. By strategizing and implementing talent initiatives, you'll amplify our company culture, craft transformative employee experiences, and champion our values across every layer of the organization.


Marketing specialist

Be a driving force in our marketing efforts! As a Marketing Specialist, you'll strategize and execute campaigns to enhance brand awareness, create compelling content, and engage with our valued customers across various platforms


3d designer

Join our team as a creative 3D Designer, responsible for conceptualizing and developing innovative designs for our products. Utilize your artistic flair and technical expertise to bring visionary projects to life.


Project manager

Lead the way in successful project execution! As a Project Manager, you'll oversee the entire development process, ensuring seamless coordination, on-time delivery, and client satisfaction for our modular construction projects.


Key account manager

Foster and maintain strong relationships with our key clients as a Key Account Manager. Your expertise in customer relations and business development will drive growth and client retention.



Bring your organizational prowess and leadership skills to our team. As an Assistant/Manager, you'll provide essential support and ensure smooth operations in various departments, contributing to the company's success.


Customer service employee

Be the face of Lark Leisure Homes and deliver exceptional customer experiences. As a Customer Service Employee, you'll handle inquiries, provide support, and build lasting relationships with our valued customers.


Production worker

Become an integral part of our manufacturing process as a Production Worker. Your craftsmanship and attention to detail will help create top-quality modular homes, meeting the highest industry standards.


Join Our Team: Exciting Job Opportunities

We are a leading modern mobile home factory in Europe, located in Darlowo. Our production halls are equipped with professional tools to carry out orders efficiently. We value our employees and know that joint work and commitment lead to success. Due to rapid growth, we are hiring employees with experience or those just entering the job market. Working with us provides professional development, stability, and material security. If interested, check out our job offers.