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Each Lark mobile home is made in the technology of a light wooden frame. Today, single-family houses or entire estates of terraced houses are built using the same technology. The only difference with mobile homes is that they retain their most important function – they are not permanently attached to the ground.

By definition, a mobile home is a seasonal home, but thanks to the use of an appropriate system of additional thermal insulation, we can make a house intended for comfortable use throughout the year. The additional thermal insulation system is selected according to the purpose of the house and the climatic conditions in which it will be used.

We offer a heating system in several forms. Gas heating based on a highly efficient condensation combi boiler with a closed combustion chamber. The boiler we use adapts to the type of gas supplied. This makes it possible to connect the house to the municipal network, and you can also use propane-butane gas. . The second form is electric heating, i.e. independent convector heaters or heat radiators and an 80L boiler with the possibility of control from a smartphone. Additionally, we offer modern underfloor heating. Keep in mind that Lark houses are houses in the full sense of the word. All the solutions we offer can be found in traditional construction.

It is important to us that our customers have as few worries as possible. The purchasing process is supposed to be pleasant and hassle-free. Transport is one of the elements of this process and we have taken care of it properly. A specially prepared transport department of Lark Logistic is a fleet of trucks that deliver homes safely and on time to any place in the world every day.

Lark houses are built with the utmost care, fully in factory conditions, according to a technologically defined process. The next stage is a qualitative test divided into over 300 checking activities. When the house is checked and ready for departure, loading takes place. The house is carefully secured and prepared for transport. It arrives at its destination ready for use. All that remains is to put the house in a properly prepared place, level it and connect the media. From now on, the house is fully functional.

There are several possibilities of preparing a place for a house, and they depend primarily on the ground conditions. Mobile houses should be set up on a solid, hard surface made of, for example, concrete, providing adequate support during foundation and use. Depending on the circumstances, a concrete slab, concrete should be used. strips, point foundations or concrete blocks specially designed for the purpose. After selecting the house model, the client receives a design for the arrangement of supports and media connections. This allows you to prepare the perfect place according to clear guidelines. Of course, we provide advice and support from our technical department at every stage.

First impressions are important and we are aware of that. Therefore, we always invite you to visit our factory in Darłowo, where we present an exhibition of many models from the offer in a variety of configurations. At the same time, our advisers will tell you in detail about the materials, technologies and solutions used in Lark homes.

Producing a home is a specific process that usually takes the same amount of time. The date on which we will be able to deliver the house to the user is determined by the current queue of houses for production. The exact date can be agreed when ordering the house. It can be assumed that most often it is a period of 3-6 months.

After selecting the offer for the selected model, defining the details of the technical specifications, it’s time to start talking about the financing options. A 30% pre-payment allows you to start the production process and set the exact delivery date. When the house is ready to leave the factory, the remaining amount must be paid so that the house can go on a journey to its owner. The same is true of leasing financing. 30% pre-payment is paid to the company’s account, thus being the initial contribution to the leasing. The remaining terms of the lease agreement are agreed individually between the client and the leasing company. Of course, for our part, we help you find the best offer.

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