A perfectly composed module designed for relaxation at the highest level. It will be perfect as a SPA in your home garden, but it will also increase the attractiveness of the tourist industry facilities. Well thought-out solutions that ensure relaxation and achieve a true balance of body and spirit in full harmony with nature.

Walls and floor

The walls and floor are made of high-quality waterproof HPL board, which, thanks to its properties, will keep it fresh and new for a long time. Additionally, covering the floor with a non-slip layer will ensure maximum safety of use.

– resistant to abrasion
– impact resistant
– scratch resistant
– antibacterial properties
– resistant to high temperature

HPL boards are very easy to clean. Just wipe them with a soft cloth and rinse with warm water.


The interior of the sauna is covered with polished alder wood with a special profile for softline saunas in a horizontal position. We use only selected, homogeneous wood of the highest quality in A + class to install our saunas.

The benches are made of knotless alder wood in A + class.
Ventilation in the cabin is done by gravity. A properly placed cold air inlet and an appropriately located outlet allow for efficient air exchange in the cabin. The entire unique atmosphere will be ensured by decorative LED lighting

Jacuzzi tub

The Wellis Manhattan bathtub has been equipped with a modern body massage system for 2 people. A total of 28 water-air nozzles in combination with a powerful 3HP pump and aromatherapy and relaxing LED lighting will surely neutralize tension and stress. More demanding users will find relief thanks to their favorite music flowing from the built-in speakers. Wellis Manhattan has three fountains that enhance the relaxation experience.

Technical room

VELIS EVO is a quick water heater in a unique Italian design. Eco Evo Feature Powered By Coretech Remembers Your Daily Habits To Keep You Hot Water Only When You Need It. This saves energy and lowers costs.


Video presentation

SMART Blue-Tech touch panel – intelligent and intuitive display for easy temperature management with information about water preparation for the first shower.




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