Wybór domu

Choose the house model that best suits your needs. Of course, you can count on our help!

Choose your extras and we will send You an offer.



That’s practically it. All that remains is to confirm the order and the technical drawing in accordance with your order

If everything is correct, we can start the production process. The waiting time for implementation depends on the current order status …

Termin realizacji

Time for a color configuration from the palette of colors and textures we propose.
You decide what your home should be like, but our interior designer will be happy to help you choose an interesting composition.
This process can take place during your personal visit to the factory or remotely via email and phone.

Transport i montaż

When your house is ready, we will deliver it to the address You specify. We can comprehensively assemble the house on Your land.

From now on you will be able to enjoy Your new home.