Modular construction is a modern technology that offers many new opportunities and displaces standard solutions, such as traditional construction. It is more and more willingly used not only by private individuals, but also by the business sector. As a manufacturer of modular houses, we care about the satisfaction of our customers by offering modern, high-quality, ready-to-live-in modular houses. We do not stop at ready-made solutions. Each modular house can be tailored to the client. Our houses are characterized by excellent thermal insulation, offering year-round houses with low energy requirements, which may be the most important selection criterion for people who are looking for energy-efficient houses with low operating costs. An additional advantage in the case of modular construction is the possibility of expanding the facility in the future, and even the possibility of its transfer. We provide our services throughout Europe and beyond its borders.


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3D Walk  “SUNRISE”


Lark modular construction is an architecture based on repetitive modules that are an independent construction unit. Each module has been designed so that it can be easily connected with the next module. Thanks to the Easy Connect system, connecting Lark modules is very fast. First of all, it allows you to create almost infinite forms both vertically and horizontally.

Modular architecture, thanks to its repeatability, can be easily adapted to most types of structures. Starting from housing construction – single-family and multi-family houses, apartments, through hotel architecture – hotels, retirement homes, dormitories, rooms for rent, and ending with office and public buildings.
Each element of the modular architecture is designed so that the connected modules create a space that meets all functional requirements while maintaining a light and easy-to-connect structure.


Execution of a modular structure. The first phase of precise joining of load-bearing columns, beams, reinforcing ribs and lintels. The stage of creating walls, floors, ceilings and roofs.

Finishing materials. The stage of assembling the installation and filling the structure with thermal, acoustic and anti-damp insulation. Installation of facades and wall, floor, ceiling and roof cladding.

The last phase of equipping the module with furniture, bathroom and home elements. Interior finishing works, installation of lighting fixtures, sockets, switches and control devices.

Adequate transport of individual building protections and modules to the construction site. Preparation of modules for assembly.

Installation of modules. Transportation by mobile cranes to destinations. Connecting modules and finishing works – connecting the installation, roofing works, possible assembly of the facade.


The individual modular structures consist of a light and durable wooden structure consisting of a set of supporting columns, beams, lintels and ribs. All walls, ceilings and floors have very effective materials for thermal, acoustic and damp insulation. Each material element is precisely prepared in factory conditions by our experienced specialists. The cross-sections of the structure and its density are selected depending on the type of building and the requirements that must be met by modules on a given construction site – environmental requirements, functionality, legal standards, requirements for meeting transport conditions and many others.


Floor and ceiling

Interior walls

Exterior walls


Internal part – cladding made of natural materials. Highest quality. Adapted to indoor humidity levels.


External part – durable facade cladding made of natural materials or plastic. Adapted to the nature of the external environment, with the possibility of supplementing with additional insulation.


Construction and insulation part – elements of the frame structure are made of the highest quality construction wood with anti-moisture and thermo-acoustic thermal insulation made of mineral wool.


The overriding advantage of modular architecture is the possibility of erecting and finishing a building composed of modular elements in a shorter time than in traditional construction. Construction works can be divided into two main stages: – factory works related to production and – assembly and finishing works carried out on the construction site .

This division allows for the production of modules in the factory while performing earthworks and foundation works on the construction site. Additionally, thanks to the elements of a repeatable structure, the time needed to design a building is also shorter than the time needed to complete a traditional construction project.

The assembly of modules, due to the developed joining techniques, is much less time-consuming than the methods of making walls and ceilings by pouring concrete or bricklaying.


Learn and appreciate the advantages of modular construction


Modular construction significantly shortens the construction process and speeds up the entire project implementation process. We only need a dozen weeks and you can live in a fully equipped house.


We only need a few days to assemble a modular house of our production on your plot. The speed of erecting modular houses is undoubtedly one of the greatest advantages of modular construction


When we producing modular houses, we focus primarily on good quality materials.We guarantee durability for many years.


In our projects, we focus on space and thoughtful design, which is also characterized by functionality and practicality.


You decide what your home will look like and what it will contain! We offer a large selection of finishing materials tailored to your individual needs. Each external and internal element of the house can be individually personalized in color, which means that each project has its own unique character


In our modular homes, we offer everything you need for immediate living.


Our houses have been designed to minimize operating costs. Expenditure on heating the house will ensure that the costs of its maintenance will not exceed your budget.


Modular construction technology allows you to add more modules as you need in changing world.


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