LARK Leisure Homes supports the Poland’s Olympic team in track cycling


On Monday, Lark Leisure Homes officially signed a partnership agreement with professional cyclists – Marlena Karwacka and Wiktoria and Daria Pikulik, who will represent Poland at the Olympics Games in Tokyo next year. They will now perform in the team LARK Ziemia Darłowska.

On December 14, 2020, took place the official signing of the Partnership Agreement and a mutual shake of hands between the players of the Ziemia Darłowska Cycling Club and The Board of The LARK Leisure Homes. From then on, the players will perform under the official name of LARK Ziemia Darłowska. The Cycling Club was represented by: Eugeniusz Adamów – President of the Ziemia Darłowska Cycling Club, Artur Szarycz – President of the West Pomeranian Cycling Association, Vice President of the Ziemia Darłowska Cycling Club, coach, Emil Gawęda – Vice President of the Ziemia Cycling Club Darłowska, press spokesman, marketing and Marcin Adamów – the club’s coach and the coach of the Polish National Team in junior category. The LARK Factory was represented by: Agnieszka Klin – CEO of LARK Leisure Homes, Leszek Klin – Creative Director, Janusz Sekuła – General Director, Luis Carstens – International Sales Director. “LARK is the largest and most modern factory of mobile and modular houses in Central Europe and wants to cooperate with the best. I am glad that such talented girls will become part of the LARK Sports Academy and represent the our country and the LARK Ziemia Darłowska team at the Tokyo Olympic Games” said Leszek Klin, LARK Creative Director. “The girls are in great shape, which was confirmed at this year’s international competition with many successes. (…) On behalf of the club’s board and all our players, I would like to thank Agnieszka and Leszek Klin for co-financing our club. We will give back as best sports results as we can” said Eugeniusz Adamów. The girls from Darłowo became the first proteges of the LARK Sports Academy.


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